You can transfer funds to and from First Community utilizing our External Funds Transfer service. To access this feature:

  • Log into your online banking from our full website at
  • Select the MOVE MONEY tab along the top of our page, and then select EXTERNAL TRANSFERS from the list of options

**Important: The Primary owner on the account at FCCU and the receiving institution must be the same**

Transfer Between My Accounts:

  • You will need to register for the use of the service and confirm your email to be able to continue on. The email can take a few hours to arrive

This is the service you would utilize to transfer funds between accounts that you are the Primary owner of at each institution. If this is the option you need:

  • Click on Next 
  • Once this page loads, you will enter the amount you want to transfer, select the From account and the To account from the drop down menus
  • If the account you wish to use is not listed, select Add a New Account under the drop downs and follow the prompts for adding a new account. Most newly added external accounts will use a trial deposit system to verify ownership of the account. Others will simply add to your list of options
  • If the account verification requires trial deposits, check your external account’s transaction history for 2 small deposits and 1 withdrawal totaling the amount of the deposits (Note: The trial deposits can take 1-3 business days to appear in your external accounts)
  • Once you have received those, log back into your online banking with First Community, navigate to External Transfers, Transfer Between My Accounts and select Settings in the top right of the external transfer box and select Accounts. Once there, find the account you wish to verify with those deposits and click the arrow to the left of the account’s name. You will then see fields waiting for you to put in your 2 smaller deposits, not the total. Once those are verified, you can move money between your accounts

Terms of Service can be found by clicking here