Error Message SS24

This message occurs when you attempt to register a second funds transfer profile. At this time, you are only allowed one funds transfer profile at First Community, per our External Funds Transfer provider. 


If you close an account with a registered funds transfer profile and wish to set a profile up on a new account, you will need to call an Online Support Specialist at 636-537-4473.


Error Message SS18/SS20

This message occurs due to an unacceptable address. An address in the United States is required to access the external funds transfer service. If you have a foreign address this service will not be available to you.

RC16-Over Limit/NSF/Insufficient Funds

This message is caused when your “From” account does not have enough funds remaining after the proposed transfer and fee. The External Funds service refreshes overnight each day. There are minimum balance requirements for each type of delivery method. 

  • Popmoney 3 Business Day: Funds plus $3.00 fee must be available to cover the transfer
  • Popmoney Next Business Day: A minimum of $100 must be left in the account after transfer plus $5.00 fee is transferred
  • Transfer Between Accounts 3 Business Day: Funds plus $3.00 fee must be available to cover transfer
  • Transfer Between Accounts Next Business Day
    • Incoming: A minimum of $100 must be left in the external account after the transfer
    • Outgoing: A minimum of $750 must be remaining in the First Community account after the transfer and $5.00 fee

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