Using one single Username and Password, you are able to connect up to 10 more account numbers for viewing in your online banking. To do this, we would need a completed and signed Cross Account Authorization form. This form is located from within your online banking. 

  • Log into the online profile you wish to use as your main login
  • Navigate to SECURE FORMS
    • If you are accessing the account from the mobile browser, you will need to select MENU before you can access SECURE FORMS
  • The form will open in a new tab
    • Please fill in accurate contact information
    • We need 1 signature on the upper portion for the main account
    • ALL owners of the cross-account need to sign 
  • Once we receive the form back with all required signatures, we will link the requested accounts. To return the form to us, please use one of the methods listed here:

                       17151 Chesterfield Airport Rd

                        Attn: Online Support

                       Chesterfield, MO 63005

  • The Main Account (the one being logged into) will have complete access online to any cross-account. The Main Account can freely view the accounts, transfer between any linked accounts, view any account's eStatements*, and more. 
    • This DOES NOT allow the Main Account holder authority to do in person, phone, or chat transactions unless they are also an owner on the Cross-Account

Please Note: Linked accounts are not automatically enrolled in e-Statements and must be individually enrolled