You are able to connect up to 10 account numbers for viewing in your online banking. To do this, we would need a completed and signed Cross Account Authorization form from everyone on the cross account (minors not included)  your are trying to link. This form is located from within your online banking.  (This option is not available on the app)

  • Log into the online profile you wish to use as your main login
  • Navigate to SECURE FORMS
    • If you are accessing the account from the mobile browser, you will need to select MENU before you can access SECURE FORMS
  • The form will open in a new tab
    • Please fill in accurate contact information
    • We need 1 signature on the upper portion for the main account
    • ALL owners of the cross-account need to sign (minors not included)
  • Once we receive the form back with all required signatures, we will link the requested accounts. To return the form to us, please use one of the methods listed here:

                       17151 Chesterfield Airport Rd

                        Attn: Online Support

                       Chesterfield, MO 63005

  • The Main Account (the one being logged into) will have complete access online to any cross-account. The Main Account can freely view the accounts, transfer between any linked accounts, view any account's eStatements* (if registered), and more. 
    • This DOES NOT allow the Main Account holder authority to do in person, phone, or chat transactions unless they are also an owner on the Cross-Account

Please Note: Linked accounts are not automatically enrolled in e-Statements and must be individually enrolled