Current balance displays the total amount of funds in your account.

  • Checks on hold will show the total amount in the current balance, but will not reflect available until the hold is expired.
  • Members that write checks that are then presented to us for deposit or cash, have those funds placed on hold to make sure the funds are available when the check clears. This will show in the current vs available balance. 

Available balance displays the total amount of funds that are currently available to you in your account.

  • ACH transactions do not obtain a pre-authorization like debit or credit transactions so they are not included in the holds or debits still pending. It is your responsibility to ensure funds are available for these transactions to clear.

If you have any questions about holds or pending funds, you may contact us by phone at 636-728-3333, option 9, or by Secure Live Chat. You may also check your online banking transactions at any time utilizing our website or mobile application.