We have multiple security protocols that monitor debit card activity for suspicious use. If you are travelling outside your normal daily area, please let us know. This will prevent the card from being shut off unnecessarily.

  • The travel notice can be completed via phone call to our Information Center at 636-728-3333, live chat, a branch location or by logging into your online banking. When notifying us of travel, please include details like mode of travel, layovers, overnight stays, etc.
    1. To complete this form in  your online banking portal, navigate to SECURE FORMS and then DEBIT CARD TRAVEL NOTIFICATION
  • There are a few phone numbers you will want to keep with you while travelling in the event one of our fraud detection agents needs to contact you or you need to report a suspicion:
    1. In the United States:
      • Fraud Service Center 888-241-2440
      • Report Card Lost or Stolen
        • During business hours 636-728-3333 or 800-767-8880
        • After business hours and on Sunday 888-241-2510
    2. Outside the United States:
      • Fraud Service Center 909-941-1034
      • Report Card Lost or Stolen 909-941-1398
  • Some transactions are restricted in foreign countries per the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) of the US Department of the Treasury.

Below is a chart for reference.