To secure a channel that safely links your Quicken® or Quickbooks® to your accounts with First Community, we utilize a system called Direct Connect. Direct Connect is the only way we support linking your accounts to Intuit products. Establishing a Direct Connect password is simple.

  • Log into your online banking at
  • Once logged in, navigate to Additional Services
  • Click on Connectivity for Quicken® and Quickbooks®
  • Complete the quick registration form and pick a Direct Connect password
    • Note: This password can only be between 6-8 characters long, must be different from your online banking password and cannot contain a special character
  • Once you have completed the registration, open your Quicken or Quickbooks® program and add your First Community account 
    • If you are using Quicken®, you will need enter your account number and your Direct Connect password
    • If you are using Quickbooks®, you will need to enter your username for online banking and your Direct Connect password