If you notice a transaction that was not authorized by you, we recommend contacting the merchant that made the transaction to discuss the suspicious or disputed charge directly. It is typically faster and simpler for you to resolve the issue with the merchant as opposed to going through the dispute process. After contacting the merchant, call our Information Center at 636-728-3333 or visit a branch to shut off the compromised card and get a new card printed. 

  • In the instance a branch location is not a convenient option, you may visit the debit card page of our site.
  • If the merchant is unable to resolve the matter without our involvement, you will need to contact us via the Information Center or a branch location to fill out and sign dispute paperwork. Once this paperwork is returned to us, and the compromised card has been turned off, our team will investigate the disputed charge and provide you with a resolution within 10 business days. 

*Some local and PIN based transactions may require a police report. We will contact you if one is required.