If you would like to designate beneficiaries for your accounts, there is a form to fill out and sign at your local branch. Beneficiaries do not need to sign the form, only the account owners. To ensure proper division of funds and a smooth process, please bring as much information about your beneficiaries as possible. This should include name, address, phone number, relation to you, social security number and date of birth. While not all of this information is required, it is highly recommended so that division of the account's funds are executed easily should the situation arise. 

Important considerations regarding beneficiaries:

  • If there is more than one beneficiary, payment shall be made in equal shares 
  • Any new beneficiary forms revoke prior designations
    • When simply adding, removing or updating a beneficiary, make sure to also include all other beneficiaries on the newest document
  • All account owners must agree to and sign the beneficiary form 
  • Certificates of Deposit have the same beneficiaries as the account, unless a separate Beneficiary Certificate form is filled out

For your convenience, blank forms are provided below. Please select the correct form for your needs, fill out as much as possible and return to a branch location with all account owners' signatures. 

**Beneficiaries designated solely on Certificates of Deposit, are not considered beneficiaries on the deposit accounts (i.e Savings, Checking, Money Management, etc)**