Trust accounts can be opened at any First Community Credit Union location. These types of accounts require several documents and each trustee to be present when opening the account. This article will assist in understanding which documents to bring and what to expect when opening a Trust account. 

Required Documents

Please bring the entire Trust Document so that our representative can make sure they obtain the correct pages and avoid multiple trips. Make sure your Trust Document has:

  • The legal name of the Trust and date it was established
  • Names of the Trustees
  • A notarized signature page signed by all trustees and Grantor(s)/settler(s)

Additional Information Needed

There are a few additional pieces of information we will need to open the account:

  • The Primary's social used for reporting dividends
  • This type of account cannot have beneficiaries, instead consider who you want the successor trustee(s) to be. The successor trustee(s) do not need to be present as they are not listed on this account. 
  • Valid IDs for each trustee