When you access Bill Pay within the Payment Hub you will see your Bill Pay Dashboard. This page will allow you to quickly schedule payments and view your payment history with ease. Toggle between a calendar view, change your delivery date to see the send dates of your payments and much more.


Where to See Your Payments

Login to your online banking or our mobile app and select Payment Hub (Bill Pay). The Bill Pay Dashboard will allow you to see your Payment History from the same place you can add payments. 

The new Payment Hub will allow you to toggle in between a new calendar view for a new way to plan your outgoing payments. You also have the ability to change between the payment's delivery and send date. 

See Manage your Payment History to learn a more comprehensive breakdown of your payment activity. 

How to Add New Payments

Login to your online banking or our mobile app and select Payment Hub (Bill Pay). The Bill Pay Dashboard will allow you add new payments from your payees via search or drop down selection in Quick Pay. 

Enter your payment details after selecting your Payee. Make sure to add any Note or Alert needed for your payment. 

NOTE: The Payment Hub allows you to make payments from any checking account accessible within your online banking. 

Once your payment is scheduled you will receive a success message and be able to view this payment within your Bill Pay Dashboard and the Payment Activity tab. 

NOTE: The Payment Hub uses a Good Funds Model and will require the funds to be available to make your payment from the designated account at 4pm CT on the Send Date. ACH or Electronic Payments as indicated by the symbol can be processed in as soon as 1 business day. 

Modify Your Payments

You can modify any Scheduled Payments from the same place in Bill Pay Dashboard. 

Select the   next to the payment that needs updated to display your payment details. 

From here you can make any edits to your payment. 

Once you've made your edits, scroll to the bottom of the payment details and select 


How to Delete Payments

Follow the above steps in Modify Your Payments then select Delete Payment 

Confirm your action by selecting Yes, Delete this Payment

You will no longer see deleted payments within the Bill Pay Dashboard or on your payment calendar view. 

NOTE: Payments must be modified or cancelled by 4pm CT on their Send Date.

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