Keep in mind 6 months of your bill pay history will be moved into the new Payment Hub. Our new platform will allow for a variety of ways for you to track and manage payments you've made within the Payment Hub. You'll also have the ability to print or export your bill pay history as a .csv file. Learn how to filter your items paid by account and much more.


Where to View Your Payment History

 Login to your online banking or our mobile app and select Payment Hub (Bill Pay). 

In mobile, select   Bill Pay Dashboard, Payment Activity. In online banking, make sure you have Payment Activity selected

Mobile View

Online Banking View

How to Filter Payment History

Follow the steps to bring you to the Payment Activity page within online banking or our mobile app. Once you arrive at this page, you can change your Date Range, Search Payees and use the ▲▼ arrows to sort columns by ascending or descending amounts. 

Not specific enough for you? Utilize the Filters button in the upper right hand side to display more criteria for your payment history. 

How to Export and Print

Now you've mastered drilling down and searching your payment history. Remember you are able to export these results as a .csv file or print them using the action icons on the Payment Activity tab. 

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