Providing Article Feedback is a great tool to better help us evaluate the content First Community publishes in our FAQs but what do you do if your inquiry requires a follow up? 


Opening a Secure Ticket

Did you know that both online and mobile banking allow you to message us securely? In doing so all of your data and account information passes quickly to our support teams who can then immediately begin responding to your inquiry to assist you. You can also request documentation like statements or cleared check copies through our ticketing portal as well. 

How to Open a Secure Ticket in Online Banking

  1. Login to your Online Banking.
  2. Inside online banking you will select Support located in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select Secure Email.
  4. Click on New message to start your request.
  5. Complete the required fields and hit submit.

How to Open a Secure Ticket in Mobile Banking

  1. Login to your First Community Mobile App.
  2. Select More located in the bottom right hand corner.
  3. Scroll down to the Contact Us section and click Email Us
  4. Click New Message. 

Complete the required fields and hit submit.

How to Check the Status of my Ticket
Now that you have learned how to submit a ticket, you'll need to know how to check for responses. Keep in mind that you will receive an email update when the status of your ticket changes. 

  1. To read your secure messages start by following the above guides to locate the Secure Email section. 
  2. When you are here select Check Message Status