Overdraft Privilege (ODP) is offered on each of our checking accounts. The Checking 1 has a $400.00 limit, while our reward checking accounts (First Rate and Cashback) have a $700.00.

When selecting your enrollment in ODP, we present you with 2 options:

  • Have your ODP cover your check and ACH payments ONLY
    • This includes bill pay payments sent from Bill Pay within Online Banking
  • Have your ODP cover debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals in addition to ACH and checks
    • ATM withdrawals cannot exceed your ODP limit with the $27.50 overdraft charge added

Each transaction of any kind that takes your account into the negative and utilizes your ODP will charge a $27.50 overdraft fee.

Even if you opt out of ODP, if something tries to clear your account and funds are not available, your account may still be drawn negative and an overdraft fee may be charged.