I thought you were moving all my payees, what happened? 

During our migration to the Payment Hub we successfully moved over 400,000 payees. A portion of these payees did not transfer to our new Payment Hubdue to the payees being inactive, dormant or due to our legacy provider not releasing full biller records for us to migrate.

Why did this happen? 

Since we did not have a full record or address for a portion of our payees we weren't able to match certain billers in our new billing network. Don't worry we took proactive steps to help identify all members this affected and can provide you all payee information in case you still need it. 

How do I get any missing Payees? 

We will be contacting all impacted members and making them aware of any missing payees that they still may wish to use. Although we are unable to add payees or contacts into your Payment Hub you are able to refer to our guide that shows you the step-by-step process to reinstating any payee.

I haven't heard from you, can I request any missing Payees?

Absolutely. Follow this guide to learn how to send us a secure ticket. This will be the fastest and safest way for us to send you any billing records including Payee Names, Account Numbers, Billing ZIPs and Biller Phone Numbers. Once you have reached the point to submit your ticket select Payee Request. A member of our support team will respond quickly with any missing records you may require.